Hello and welcome.

My name is Kathryn Wright. I am a psychotherapist, and I would like to help you to reach your full potential. I offer telephone and online counselling.

Sometimes, things that have happened in our past can act as a barrier to us getting the life we want in the here and now. Have you ever felt like there is something holding you back? I can help you to explore this, and to identify what it is that you really want and need.

Maybe you have a project that you are struggling to get off the ground, or maybe you are experiencing issues in your relationship that keep recurring, but are never resolved.

Kathryn Wright - Telephone and online counselling
Kathryn Wright – Telephone and
online counselling

I offer a safe, empathic, and non-judgemental environment for you to explore a range of issues.

Choosing to begin therapy can be daunting. The fear of the unknown is real, and it can often be a barrier to starting, even if it will benefit us. I aim to take the fear of the unknown away, by demystifying the process. Counselling is a specific form of communication, and I aim to walk you through it, side by side, in partnership.

What are the benefits of counselling?

If you have not experienced counselling before, it may be hard to imagine how it can help. So what are the benefits of counselling?

  • Having a safe space to explore thoughts or feelings that you find difficult to express.
  • Being truly listened to, without distraction, or worrying about taking up too much time.
  • Investing time in yourself, the ultimate form of self-care.

How can I get started?

Online counselling - my office
Online counselling – my office

Getting started is really simple.

Click here to book an initial free of charge consultation. We can have an informal chat about your goals in therapy, and to find out if I’m the right counsellor for you.

Alternatively, send an email to kathryn@kwcounsellingblackburn.uk.

Give me a call or text on 07543 386539.

I will answer any questions you may have and explain how the process works, and find a suitable time for us to start. Telephone and online counselling is a really flexible way to start your therapy journey.

I would love to hear from you.